Systematic Diagram

Continuous Improvement Outcomes
Quality Level               1 1.a Post the District Strategic Plan on a page in the building
1.b Post the School Improvement Plan (SIP) goals in the classroom
1.c Serve on at least one school improvement team
1.d Use at least 3 quality tools
Quality Level 2 2.a Complete all Quality Level 1 outcomes
2.b Facilitate the creation of a classroom mission statement that is aligned with school and District mission statements (displayed in the classroom)
2.c Involve students in the creation of classroom ground rules/expectations
2.d Establish classroom goals using the SMART format (displayed in the classroom)
2.e Collect data that measures progress toward classroom SMART goals (displayed in classroom)
2.f Implement student data folder in the classroom
2.g Conduct celebrations of student achievement/progress on a systematic basis in the classroom (or department/team)
2.h Use at least 6 quality tools with students
Quality Level 3 3.a Complete all Quality Levels 1 & 2
3.b Create a Classroom Data Center
3.c Facilitate the process of students setting individual goals that align to classroom SMART goals (kept in individual student data folders)
3.d Facilitate the process of students creating their own mission statements that align with the classroom mission statement (kept in individual student data folders)
3.e Implement classroom meetings on a regular basis. Students lead the meeting and facilitate the discussion around the progress toward class goals, measures and mission. Student feedback is used to drive the class meetings.
3.f Collect student and parent customer satisfaction data (Displayed in the Classroom Data Center)
3.g Utilize PDSA to improve a process in the classroom (displayed in the classroom)
3.h Use at least 9 quality tools
Quality Level 4 4.a Complete all Quality levels 1, 2 & 3
4.b Monitor student and stakeholder satisfaction and use data to drive classroom improvements (displayed in the classroom)
4.c Implement student-led (or student-involved)conferences
4.d Standardize key processes in the classroom using flow charts or other tools to communicate to stakeholders (displayed in the classroom)
4.e Use comparative data to evaluate classroom student achievement results to other classrooms in the school,District,State,Nation
4.f Actively involve student in PDSA to improve a process in the classroom (displayed in the classroom)
4.g Use at least 12 quality tools with students